Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions about our Workplace Training Scheme?  Find it below or contact our Customer Service team.
What is the Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme?

The Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme is an online training program developed by health professionals and industry experts in partnership with DeakinCo. and Ai Group.

Based on WHO guidelines, it has been designed specifically to help Australian workplaces ensure their staff are trained in safe working practices to limit the spread of infectious diseases such as the coronavirus.

What does the course content cover?
The learning modules cover;
  • What COVID-19 is, its incubation period and symptoms, and how it is spread
  • Behavioural management techniques in the workplace
  • Good handwashing and hygiene practices
  • Managing mental health during COVID-19
A new module on fake news and finding the right information is under development and soon to be released.
What are the credentials of the team who have developed the course?
The project team behind the program includes Deakin Medical School Associate Professor, and former WHO professional, Dr. Sandeep Reddy, and Dr. Neil Cowen who has 40 + years experience in health service management, public health and immunology. DeakinCo., part Deakin University, is a leading online corporate training and workplace transformation organisation.
Has the Australian Government approved the content of the course?

The course content is primarily based on pandemic prevention principles from the World Health Organisation, incorporating Safe Work Australia guidelines. The guidelines are applicable to the prevention of all infectious diseases including COVID-19 and will apply as best practice beyond this disease.

The content is globally recognised and align with the messages shared by Safe Work Australia.

Why should organisations choose to offer the program to their people?

By undertaking this training scheme employers are able to communicate clearly how important the safety of their people is. Not only will the program educate and help protect those connected to your business, but it can help foster trust amongst external contacts and stakeholders.

The training scheme provides employers with an efficient channel to share credible and up-to-date information about how best to protect themselves, and others they work with, in order to help reduce the likelihood of infection in the workplace.

This scheme aims to enhance trust amongst employees and the community by providing assurances that staff are well-informed on infectious disease management. Through use of the associated badges with QR codes customers can also be encouraged to return as they can feel safer interacting with an organisation.

By encouraging businesses and their staff to undertake the training, there will also be an increase in the quality of information being shared within their networks at work and within the community.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course has been developed to provide a core education package suitable for most types of businesses including public facing operations in hospitality, professional services, consultancies, retail and manufacturing.

However, for some sectors the course may require additional modules. A number of industries are already being scoped, and these can be developed by the team specifically for the clients’ needs (subject to volume).

Best Fit Industries Available with minor modifications & enhancements Additional content development currently being scoped
Building and Construction
Energy and Utilities
Food Processing and Manufacturing
General Industry
Warehousing and Logistics
Delivery Drivers
Early Childhood Education
Education and Training
In home care
Public transport
Road freight
Stevedores and ports
Trades and home maintenance
Aged Care
Health Care
Marine and Airline


How long will it take my team to complete?
The course takes about 40-45 minutes to complete, depending on the pre-existing learning ability of the users.
How does the course test users?

The training program teaches participants best practice through a series of instructional videos and animations with multiple choice questions displayed throughout the videos.

The system ensures participants have understood and absorbed all information before continuing through its different stages.

What happens at the end of the course?

Upon completion those who have undertaken the training will receive a certificate of completion and printable badge. The employer dashboard is updated accordingly.

It is highly recommended that you also purchase the professionally printed Training Scheme Badge and Lanyard Pack. The badge’s embedded QR code can be viewed using a mobile camera to ensure the candidate has completed the most up-to-date version of the course.

Finally the company will also be eligible for a certificate showing that your business is engaged in the Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme.

How do I sign up and ensure my staff complete the training?

You can purchase seats for your staff members through our business portal, or through a sales team member. You will be issued with a coupon which staff members can use to sign up to the scheme with in a simple 2-step process.

You will have access to a business portal with back-end reporting where you can monitor staff sign up and completion rates.

We also provide access to a communications roll out kit to assist you with employee onboarding and adoption.

Does the credential expire?

Because COVID-19 continues to be researched and understood, the advice from governments and the WHO will continue to be updated. As advice evolves, alerts will be shared to those who have completed the training ensuring participants are working with the most up to date information.

The purchase of this scheme covers the initial training and issuance of certification which is then valid for 12 months. Ongoing updated and/or refresher modules will be delivered during this time to ensure staff are kept up-to-date with the scheme and ensure best practice is kept at forefront of mind.

In the event of new legislation and/or significant guideline changes, participants will be sent a compulsory module which will require completion, within a set period of time, to maintain certification.

Is the course free? Why are you charging?

The program is not free of charge however pricing models are available depending on the number of candidates you wish to purchase for.

The program has been developed without government funding by independent parties. While we believe the course to be of vital importance in helping get businesses back to work safely there are costs incurred to ensure the quality of the information is maintained. The costs also cover the administration required in supplying certification and bespoke badges for candidates.

We want to do our part in reducing the harm caused by the pandemic. It is our aspiration that as many people as possible will benefit from this training, as there’s currently no other course of such quality and depth, available for Australian business.

How much does it cost?
The individual retail price of the course is $29.95, and $19.95 for the optional official scheme badge and lanyard (incl. postage & packing). If you require more than 10 units of training then please contact us for a bulk purchase arrangement.
What are your payment terms?

Payment for the Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme is via credit card or bank transfer. Access to the program is granted after receipt of funds. Please contact the sales team to discuss credit terms (subject to volumes).

How quickly can I get access to the Training program?
Once the quotation is accepted, your staff can be training within 24 hours. We will provide you with a unique code that employees use in a simple 2-step registration process and also a roll out communications kit which can be used to assist with onboarding and adoption.
We want to use our existing LMS - what are our options?

Our system is designed to work perfectly on our custom built LMS platform and using your own LMS may compromise some of the functionality of the program.

We understand some clients may want to use their own LMS but we do not recommend this. Custom solutions should be referred to our enterprise team for exploration and are subject to volume and feasibility.